About ALHI

Advertising with ALHI

ALHI will continue to offer supplemental marketing programs that you can choose to participate in. These are intended to stimulate incremental sales focus and activity. As an ALHI Member, you can take
advantage of these elective marketing programs to further advance your need periods or areas of opportunity, as well as to update and educate our client database about news from your hotel.

Registration details to secure your desired 2021 advertsiging placements will be sent via email in Q4 2020.

Email Database Marketing

Luxury on Sale - Special Offer Promotion  $1,000

This promotional opportunity is available three times per month and will reach the entire client  database with a special offer from your hotel. The offer is included in a newsletter email that also contains engaging, relevant editorial content.

Member Dedicated Email     $3,900

Customize an entire email blast to tailored messaging and special offers. Our marketing team can create custom l sales objectives and reach the right clients at the right time, just for you.