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Posted on: 16 January 2023

What's New in the ALHI World

Additional Services and Consultants added to Strategic Consulting Services (SCS) 

What SCS can do for Members:

  • Conference: Emcee and facilitator, keynote speaker, targeted workshops
  • Leadership Development:  Group and individual executive coaching; seminars
  • Operational Projects:  Sales operations assessments, business process restructuring, succession planning, cultural check-up, talent strategy development. 


  • Dr. Lalia Rach, Executive Director SCS ALHI.  Expertise:  Executive leadership development, business strategy. Provides:  Keynote speeches, workshops, board facilitation, individual coaching and executive strategy development.
  • Armine Terzyan, Vice President Sales Operations & Analysis ALHI. Expertise: Sales operations analysis, sales analytics and strategy, business processes restructuring for improved efficiency and accuracy. Provides: Sales operations assessments, systems review and analysis. 
  • Neen James, author, trainer. Expertise: luxury, branding and leadership strategist; creative and practical strategies. Provides: Keynote speeches, executive strategy and mentoring, organization and personal branding strategies, ideation process and system-based strategy sessions, and leadership development.

Connect by emailing SCS@alhi.comFees vary based on the service provided.

Upcoming Print Magazine: Beyond The Meeting Room, The Magazine

The ALHI Magazine is a luxury lifestyle publication poised to transform the meetings and events space with a strategic blend of meaningful and purposeful news alongside heartfelt and thought-provoking personal stories, with an aim to bring readers information and insights from industries outside our own. Following the success of our first Beyond the Meeting magazine (Fall 2022), ALHI will publish the next printed and digital edition in March 2023. To purchase space, click here: ALHI Supplemental Advertising.

If you would like more information, get in touch with Rachelle Simon

New Partnership with Carats & Cake 

ALHI Weddings is excited to announce our new partnership with Carats & Cake (C&C.) As the fastest growing digital community in the wedding industry with over 40 million monthly impressions across site and social.

C&C works with venues, operating as their in-house wedding marketing team handling content marketing across all digital and social channels. Being expert storytellers and creative marketers, they source, curate and create custom content to drive the right couples to each property based on that property's goals. In addition to C&C's full suite of purpose-built marketing and sales tools, they also offer customer service solutions (contracting, invoicing and payments) enabling forward thinking venues to provide a modern customer experience while optimizing sales operations and increasing revenue. Through this exclusive partnership, ALHI members will receive a 20% discount with C&C, increased visibility and consumer focused conversion. If you want to learn more, contact our wedding expert Kimberly Richmond