Michelle da Silva

5 Hawaiian Honeymoon Destinations

You don’t have to leaf through too many colorful pages of travel magazines and internet sites to be captured by the spell of Hawaii’s magical beauty, mystical culture and fascinating legends, many of which are linked for all time to the natural wonders found throughout the beautiful islands. And…

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Sizzling Hot Summer Wedding Appetizers

Conventional wisdom has taught us that the easiest way to someone's heart may very likely be via the stomach. While this is by no means a novel concept, it may be more the trend these summer days as couples look for ways to incorporate unique food elements into their wedding day. Creating…

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Fall Season Adds Color to Weddings

No matter where you live, autumn generally is a special season for everyone. For many, memories of golden meadows shadowed by brilliantly hued fall foliage and scents of long-ago campfires are sure to stir nostalgia in one’s soul. Not only is it a season of transition, it signals the preparation for…

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