A NEW Community Exchange: Beyond the Meeting Room

A NEW Community Exchange: Beyond the Meeting Room

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Posted on: 12 June 2023

Through our partnership with Juno, we have expanded our Beyond the Meeting Room content to include a "Community Exchange".

How This Community Exchange Works  

After attending any of the ALHI Executive Events, event attendees gain exclusive access to the new community through an Event App, powered by Juno. 

In the app, prior to the event, attendees can reference the schedule of events, attendee profiles, speaker & sponsor information, and much more. The app will also provide live updates and on-site messaging alerts to keep attendees on schedule.

After the event, attendees can re-visit the event content, view all the photos from the event, and continue the conversation with any of the event guests including Clients, Members, Sponsors and Contributing Partners. 

Our Focus in Building Engagement

Strong and consistent engagement with this new community will help us build trust towards our brand and our Member Hotels. 

  • We want to spark conversations. By getting Clients and Members to engage in discussions, we can hear more perspectives and become better decision-makers.
  • We want to access actionable insights. Having a community engagement platform will help us to plan and execute successful events and discussions, and most importantly, build trust.

We are committed to continue to conversations by featuring open discussion boards, and additional content to stay engaged beyond the meeting room!

If you have any questions regarding the ALHI Community Exchange, please contact Kristi Allan, ALHI Vice President of Partnerships and Client Engagement.