Fiesta Americana e-Ka$h Program

Fiesta Americana e-Ka$h Program

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Posted on: 31 March 2021


At Fiesta Americana Grand Meetings Mexico & Beyond, we value your business, and want to help you continue to create extraordinary meetings, time after time. That's why we created the e-Ka$h Program*: to reward our most valued international clients with points that can be used toward savings on any future group stay at our hotels.

With The e-Ka$h Program, Clients Can Enjoy the Following Benefits: 

  • More rewards: Receive 3% of the total pre-tax amount spent on rooms and food & beverage charges only in e-Ka$h electronic money (1 e-Ka$h point = 1USD).
  • More savings: Use e-Ka$h points to pay for up to 15% of rooms and food/beverage expenses for future group reservations at any Fiesta Americana Grand Meetings Mexico & Beyond hotel or resort.
  • More Value: Combine e-Ka$h points with our Perfect Planner Program for even greater savings.

The e-Ka$h Program is by invitation only.


  •  e-Ka$h program membership is by invitation only and requires prior authorization from the VP of International Group Sales and the Director of Sales for Mexico
  • Applies only to groups reserving at least 10 rooms for one night (with group rate, not including taxes) and with a total amount of at least $25,000 USD (including rooms and food & beverage charges only; not including staff rooms)
  • Groups staying at the Live Aqua, Grand Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Americana, The Explorean, Fiesta Inn, and One hotels are eligible
  • The e-Ka$h points can be credited for groups with an open or closed block where the reservations are made through the CRF or WEB when the group contract is signed by the client (e-Ka$h member)
  • In cases where a group has a guarantee that is individually invoiced (open or closed block), the group contract should be referred and/or signed to the client (e-Ka$h member) where it specifies that the points should be posted to the account number of the group.
  • The e-Ka$h points will be credited to the client account after the group is closed
  • The e-Ka$h points expire two years after the date they are credited
  • The e-Ka$h points are not transferrable to other accounts
  • The points can be used in conjunction with Group FR rates (except in ONE Hotels)
  • The e-Ka$h points can be used to pay for up to 15% of the amount contracted on rooms, food and beverage (before taxes, commissions and tips) for any future group stay at a participating Posadas hotel
  • Client must notify the Regional Director of Sales of the intent to pay for a group with e-Ka$h points at the time that the contract is negotiated
  • The e-Ka$h points cannot be used at the same time they are earned
  • The e-Ka$h points cannot be used as a deposit
  • The amount paid with e-Ka$h points is NOT invoiced to the client
  • Clients can redeem and credit points at the same time if the portion paid with cash meets with the criteria of a minimum of 10 rooms for one night and a total amount of at least $25,000 USD. The e-Ka$h credit will be applied to balance after the cash payment is posted.