Five trends, ideas and inspiration for the wedding world in 2023.


Untraditional Weddings

One of the biggest trends for weddings is a shift from “traditional” to “individualism.” We’ve learned over the last two years to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches. We learned to think outside the box and, in some cases, forced ourselves to try things we wouldn’t have normally. This opened the door for couples to feel liberated to do away with certain “traditions” and embrace their individuality much more. Expect to see everything from bold colored wedding gowns to couples taking inspiration from Netflix hits such as “Bridgerton” and theming events after them.


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Destination Weddings

While the destination wedding trend has been around for a while, expect to see it in full force in 2023. With the world open for travel again, people continue to have the itch to jet off to far-flung destinations and create memories with multi-day festivities. Destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean have always been popular, but with the Euro and U.S. dollar currently almost equivalent in value, look for a large increase in European destination weddings.


Sustainable Weddings

From composting flowers to online save-the-dates and invitations, we will see more planet friendly weddings. Eco-friendly menus will be on the rise, too, using local and ethically sourced foods. More couples will opt for vegan menus and organic food. Coming up with ways reduce waste will be a top priority for couples in 2023 and will look for vendors who align with this thinking. Hiring locally and supporting the community where couples have their big day will be big, too. Repurposing flowers, such as using bridal bouquets for floral arrangements and other creative hacks, will play into this. Something else we might see are wedding gowns made from recycled materials.


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Food & Beverage

Food & beverage is such a big component of any wedding and an opportunity to get creative. We will continue to see an evolution in this area with more couples moving away from plated meals and opting for fun elements such as portable pizza ovens and grazing tables. The philosophy being that this allows guests to enjoy a variety of small-portion options. Another likely trend that’s in-line with the sustainability trend will be plant-based menus. We will see some creative shifts when it comes to cocktails with incorporating more mocktails and possible CBD-infused cocktails.



Music is a trend that is constantly evolving and looks for more than just DJs and bands at wedding receptions. Unique and interactive forms of entertainment that could be part of the wedding event include fire aerialists, fire dancers, magicians and acrobats. Couples may take it a step further and incorporate Ferris wheels, adult bounce houses, giant Jenga, balloon darts and beer pong. Nothing will be off limits.



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