Independence Day in the U.S. is known for patriotic ceremonies, parades, fireworks, barbecues and even baseball games. So why not a Fourth of July wedding? 


Wedding planners say a Fourth of July wedding is a great way to take advantage of a long holiday weekend already infused with a sense of celebration.  


July 4th Wedding


“The date can symbolize new beginnings and freedom, aligning well with the themes of love and commitment,” said Aviva Samuels of Kiss the Planner, a destination wedding and event company in Palm Beach, Fla. “After all, isn’t that what a wedding celebration is about?” 


She said a long holiday weekend gives destination guests more incentive to travel to a wedding. 


Aviva Samuels


“Families often gather for the Fourth of July, so the wedding can become part of a larger family celebration,” Samuels said. Many people have the day off work and might already plan on celebrating, which can make it easier for guests to attend without taking additional time off.” 



Nancy Barkley, founder and owner of Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways, a global wedding and event planner, said a Fourth of July wedding can offer not only logistical benefits but provide festive ambiance, a themed celebration and creative décor options.  


“The patriotic spirit surrounding the holiday can naturally create a celebratory and joyful atmosphere,” she said. “This inherent festivity can enhance the overall mood of your wedding and make it even more memorable.” 


Barkley and Samuels also noted the opportunity for incorporating red, white, and blue color palettes – and fireworks.


“Fireworks on that date are readily available and can be seamlessly integrated into the wedding design,” Samuels said. “In fact, the city that you celebrate might just foot the bill. If your client is on a budget, why not piggyback on the city’s display by building that into your timeline? Maybe all guests head outside for cake cutting and fireworks, or a farewell fireworks exit.” 


And Barkley said the fun doesn’t have to stop with fireworks. 


Nancy Barkley


“The holiday offers a chance to incorporate fun and festive elements into your wedding décor and menu,” she said. “Sparklers, s'mores bars, and summer berries can all add a touch of whimsy and seasonal flair to your celebration.” 






There are some potential pitfalls to consider. 


Barkley notes that travel and hotel expenses often surge during holiday weekends and could impact attendance. Hotels and rental cars might also be harder to find. Competing events may also limit the number of guests who would attend. 


And of course, there’s the chance of hot weather disrupting an outdoor wedding in the South, or rain and thunderstorms farther north. 

“It’s imperative that a planner be ahead of the game to be adequately prepared for the additional logistical challenges that will present themselves due to the holiday date,” Samuels said. “Consider adding additional staffing, having appropriate supplies on hand and a well-padded timeline.” 


Military weddings 

Military Wedding July 4th


Samuels and Barkley also discussed military weddings on the Fourth of July and aspects planners should know. 

“What better day than July the Fourth to have a traditional – or not so traditional – military wedding?” Samuels asked. “Key elements typically involve military uniforms with medals and decorations, the playing of the national anthem, a military chaplain, military symbolism within vows, rings engraved with military emblems or unit crests, flags, swords and saber arch exits.”  


Besides incorporating military elements like a saber arch, Barkley said planners should be aware that military chapels are popular venues and may require booking far in advance, sometimes up to a year. 


And don’t forget proper titles, she said. 


“Ensure proper use of military titles and ranks on invitations, name cards, and seating charts,” Barkley said. “Consider seating arrangements that respect military hierarchy.” 



Seizing the opportunity 

Having a Fourth of July wedding can create a lasting memory on an already significant day. 


July 4th Wedding


“Some of your couples might really like having their wedding on a significant holiday date, making it easy for them and their guests to remember, and an excellent reason to invite loved ones to celebrate together year after year.” Samuels said. “For you as a planner, it might be yet another opportunity to be hired to elevate the anniversary festivities for the same happy couple.” 


Barkley said while it is the Fourth of July, planners need to make sure to still tailor the event to the couple. 

“While the Fourth of July theme adds a fun layer, it's crucial to ensure the wedding reflects the couple's unique style.” 

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