When we meet, we change the world. 

A simple phrase that encompasses the power and value of the meeting and event industry. 


GMID 2024


The industry will unite around the world on April 11 for Global Meetings Industry Day, an international day of advocacy and education designed to spotlight the importance and economic impact of business meetings, trade shows, incentive travel, exhibitions, conferences and conventions, along with the power of face-to-face. 


Last year, there were more than 45 million impressions worldwide on GMID, with 70 events in 35 countries and more than 365 media mentions, in all, resulting in reaching more than 10 million users. One of the largest events was Meeting Professionals International’s GMID Virtual Experience, a 12-hour broadcast which drew nearly 2,400 attendees to 40 education sessions. 


According to the U.S. Travel Association, meetings and events generated $119 billion in travel spending in the U.S. in 2023, directly supporting 600,000 American jobs. 

“In-person meetings and events are essential to the success of businesses and individuals across every industry,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman. “Global Meetings Industry Day is an opportunity to spotlight how this critical sector fuels local economies, business profits and individual growth and relationships.”  


While the statistics can tell a story, very little can compare to the true impact of a face-to-face meeting. 


“It’s so important that as we continue to celebrate that we don't lose focus on what this day really means,” said Michael Dominguez, President and CEO of ALHI. “The purpose of GMID is to explain, educate and celebrate bringing people face to face, how bringing people together actually changes the world.” 


He remembers a video that was produced by MPI when he was chair of the association’s International Board of Directors that showcased the impact of meetings throughout history. 


“No great advancement in society has ever come from without a meeting,” he said. “A meeting is what drives it forward, whether it's medical, whether it’s social, whether it’s in justice. It is people coming together that will change the world.” 


The Science of Meeting Face to Face


Global Impact of Business Meetings 


GMID offers the opportunity to amplify the value of face-to-face and the economic impact of business meetings and events. The 2023 Global Economic Significance of Business Events study, in partnership with the Events Industry Council and Oxford Economics, built a comprehensive study to evaluate the full scope and economic significance of the $1.6 trillion USD global business events industry. Top findings showed business events supported 10.9 million direct jobs globally and generated $662.6 billion of direct GDP. On average, $707 was spent per business event participant and the top 50 countries accounted for $1.11 trillion of business events direct spending, representing 96.5% of the global total. 


Industry Facts, How to Participate


The business events sector directly generated more output (business sales) than many large global sectors, including telecommunication equipment and air transport. 


The report also cited the catalytic effects of business meetings, which refer to the broader impacts that occur as the result of business events, ranging from new business opportunities, knowledge transfers and future sales generated through exhibits at trade shows, to innovative research collaborations fostered through medical conferences, new skills learned through training, or career connections made through technology or creative sector conferences.  



“We all know what we bring to society as far as GDP, as far as jobs, as far as vibrancy to a community,” Dominguez said. “But we sometimes forget the power of the human connection that can only be driven by bringing people face to face .” 


GMID Unites Meeting Industry for a Day of Advocacy