Turtle Bay's renovation continues under the direction of esteemed designer Dianna Wong. Taking cues from the North Shore’s natural beauty to make over the hotel, she incorporated materials such as reclaimed woods, monkeypod, hand-stitched leather, and organic fabrics. She also let the North Shore dictate the color scheme, which came together with a calming spectrum of blues, greens and creams that are reminiscent of the waves that roll and crest along the rugged coastline. Deep oranges and crimson shades are a nod to the island’s iron-rich soil. While one can feel the landscape from within the hotel, every of the 452 guestrooms feature prized oceanfront views.

Attendees will feel a sense of awe being able to wake up and hear the the sound of crashing waves. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hawaii has dropped its indoor mask mandate and Safe Travel rules March 25, 2022.