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CASE STUDY: How Meeting Planners Can Leverage Contact Tracing for Safer Meeting Environments

At ALHI's annual staff meeting in January, 50 attendees gathered for two days of informational sessions at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, TX. In addition to maintaining CDC guidelines such as physical distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitizing stations, our Vice Pr...
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10 Tips to Enhance Virtual Presentations

There is already so much information online, compounded by the seven-plus months we've relied on Zoom, e-mail and chat apps to communicate. Additionally, it's estimated that the average professional receives 147 emails per day in their inbox alone. How do you ...
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Flipping the Switch on Omnichannel Events

Curating content for an in-person and remote audience is too much for one person. The technology and methodology for producing omnichannel events is not new. In fact, you've witnessed it on an everyday basis for most, if not all, of your life. Each nightly news ...
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Keeping Virtual Attendees Engaged

It's safe to say virtual attendees are going to be naturally envious of the in-person crowd. Human nature compels us to want to gather to share experiences. In other words, planners, sponsors and hosts have little to fear about a virtual production taking away the n...
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Amazing Outdoor Spaces - Seaside

Amazing Outdoor Spaces is an occasional series by ALHI featuring outdoor venues throughout our diverse collections of independent luxury hotels. Look for more Amazing Outdoor Spaces features coming soon. While flexible, functional indoor space that can be configured t...
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