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10 Tips to Enhance Virtual Presentations

There is already so much information online, compounded by the seven-plus months we've relied on Zoom, e-mail and chat apps to communicate. Additionally, it's estimated that the average professional receives 147 emails per day in their inbox alone. How do you ...
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Flipping the Switch on Omnichannel Events

Curating content for an in-person and remote audience is too much for one person. The technology and methodology for producing omnichannel events is not new. In fact, you've witnessed it on an everyday basis for most, if not all, of your life. Each nightly news ...
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3 Tips to Maximize Engagement on Social Media

Social media is ubiquitous and creating a post is relatively easy. Heck, if you're grandmother or great aunt can post a photo that goes viral on Facebook, anyone can, right? One like should beget a another like and another like, and then the sharing kicks in. Sudd...
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How to Adapt In a Changing World

Sarah Soliman Daudin discusses how she learned to adapt on the fly, and what other event professionals can learn from her experience. Sarah Soliman Daudin, DES, president and CEO of Soliman Productions, describes herself as small and feisty. As such, she was not going...
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