Karen Richardson, Founder, Richardson Talent Solutions, is an accomplished executive who partners with organizations and boards of directors to identify, cultivate and prepare talent to succeed. With an educational background focus on business and finance, she honed her craft during more than 25 years at GE, where she was instrumental in designing and implementing GE’s transformational shift from top-down talent reviews to more informal and real-time feedback conversations. Her client roster includes organizations worldwide and across various industries from aerospace to fintech, automotive to food service.

She believes that in today’s business climate, change is swift, brilliant, and often disruptive, and professionals achieve the best for themselves and their organizations by blending and building expertise together. For her, talent planning is a holistic endeavor which starts with the individual and grows to serve the entire enterprise.

Her strategy includes focusing on the complete employee ecosystem, building and applying plans and processes for organizational health, vibrancy, and sustainability. She believes a robust employee ecosystem extends to board interactions and she curates sessions to build board directors’ knowledge of key individuals and executive teams. These practices are especially beneficial for CEO succession planning.

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