Strategic Consulting


For Owners, Asset Managers and
General Managers

Strategic project services encompass advice, coaching and training related to executive/leadership development; development and expansion recommendations; organizational restructuring; revenue and profit growth guidance; and diversity and inclusion initiatives.  

For Hotel Operators and Management

Creation and installation of standard operating policies and procedures; performance improvement analysis; design and implementation of change management process; revenue and profit analysis; leadership development and executive coaching and event production and management.



Advisory and Executive Board Facilitation
Includes preparation and development of an agenda to ensure focused on purpose and intended outcomes, facilitation of meetings (including discussions, presentations, maintain pace and timeline), and post-meeting follow-up to ensure actionable and measurable success.

Keynote Speech 
This will be a customized, targeted topic to meet the needs of participants. Hiring a professional keynote speaker ensures the content will captivate the audience and be contextual to the overarching messaging of the conference. With 25+ years of experience as a keynote speaker, Rach tailors each address to client-specific needs while focusing on strategic trends, demographic trends, change management, and leadership. Rach's speeches deliver genuine ideas and "uncommon sense" with humor and grace, adding value to a variety of business topics

Convention Facilitation
Services include moderating a general session panel or emcee services for an entire event. As a seasoned event host, Rach takes command of a room and engage audiences through thoughtful preparation and homework, careful listening, and developing natural rapport with panelists and other hosts. Her skillset includes neutralizing tension, fostering cohesive conversation and captivating an audience with Impromptu Insights and food for thought.  As a moderator, she is known to establish a level of comfort among panelists and speakers and to Interject humor, Insights and a dose of humanity when appropriate. 

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching benefits the leader by providing direct feedback, tools and tips for improving behavior and accountability to create consistent new behavior. Coaching subjects range from emotional maturity and executive presence to time management, developing consistent habits and effective communication. Services include weekly one-hour sessions held either in-person or virtually based upon an agreed upon action plan identifying key behaviors to be changed and/or strengthened. 

Project Work
Project work is designed to assist the organization or area in solving issues, meeting challenges and/or advancing the engagement and success of the company.  Each project will be staffed by an expert with extensive knowledge and a proven track-record. 
Each project will include four key steps: 

  1. an assessment of client/member needs to create solutions-oriented responses to address short- and long-term challenges and opportunities. 
  2. Delivery and discussion of recommendations and timelines. 
  3. Delivery of work such as the creation and installation of performance improvement systems. 
  4. Follow-up to ensure proper functioning of systems.  

Each service will be custom designed to provide the information, guidance and training needed for the client to create greater value. Consulting services will be provided by current employees of ALHI (internal consultants) and by independent contractors (external consultants) on a project basis.  


Leadership Workshop Series
This series is designed for established leaders who lead a team.  It consists of four in-person workshops (one each quarter).  It is limited to a cohort of 10 minimum and 20 maximum and will be developed and presented by Dr. Rach.  Each workshop will include pre-work (reading specific articles or books, responding to surveys and/or email questions).  The format consists of a learning presentation, discussion, and exercises with practical take aways.  Post-work will include responding to surveys and a 15-minute one-on-one video session with Dr. Rach.  

The workshops are designed to be conducted in one-day and half-day sessions beginning at 5 p.m. on day one with a reception and learning activity (interview, group exercise) followed by dinner. The second day starts at 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 2:30 p.m. and includes light breakfast, CB, and lunch.  

Cost: $4,000 per individual

Materials needed during each workshop will be included in the registration fee but it does not include travel costs.  The location for each workshop will be determined.

Q1 2022 What it Means to Be an Established Leader of Teams.
To successfully lead a team the leader must know their strengths as well as their challenges.  A good leader excels at communication, collaboration, and knows how to elevate the skills of each direct report.  

Q2 2022:  Effective Accountability:  An Advanced Seminar.
Creating a culture that will motivate, engage, and drive success requires effective accountability.   Many believe it is the fundamental element for being a great leader, yet many managers fail to incorporate accountability into their day-to-day activities.   

Q3 2022:  Active Decision-Making: Understanding the How and Why.
A leader must make decisions, but the process used matters as well as the manner in which the decision is presented.  Many managers are passive decision-makers creating a confusing and challenging work environment.   Too many would-be leaders do not understand the value of risk and failure.  

Q4 2022 Topic:  Moving Your Comfort Level:  Strategy vs. Tactics.
Moving from doing to thinking is among the most difficult changes executives face when moving up the organizational ladder. Managers are focused on specific tactical aspects of the sales discipline requiring short-term thinking to answer “how” questions of the business (how will your team meet the goals set by more senior executives?).  Senior executives (directors and above) are focused on creative and strategic thinking, requiring planning, and thought to answer “why” questions.  

Thinking Differently Webinar Series
Series of one-hour monthly webinars focused on a specific aspect of leadership development.  The session will include practical ideas and examples for thinking differently about workplace challenges and issues.  While primarily a presentation, there will be active engagement through instant polling and a ten-minutes Q&A at the end of the webinar. 

Cost: $125 per person for ALHI clients and members;
$165 for industry colleagues

Thinking differently about the job of leaders. 
Any leader regardless of tenure or position must understand and fully incorporate the intangible aspects of being a successful leader. 

Thinking differently about direct conversations.
Too many leaders avoid timely, focused direct conversations with their employees.  The likely culprit is making the discussion personal rather than business focused.  

Thinking differently about your team and colleagues.
As a leader perspective is everything!  We all get stuck in thinking ruts especially our ideas around individual and team abilities.  How often do you jump to a conclusion about a member of your team rather than hear them out?  Do you find yourself becoming defensive when a colleague approaches you with a question? 

Thinking differently about problem solving. 
Ever wonder why certain issues and challenges are continuous or cyclical in nature?  Need a different way to approach work problems?  Often the problem is focus meaning are you solving the actual problem or a symptom?