While planning a destination wedding can bring couples and their families a great deal of joy, the process also can cause stress.

Those organizing the affair likely are selecting caterers, florists, daytime activities and evening entertainment, plus they are bracing for bills that will cover all that’s being offered. That’s a lot to consider, and each choice carries pressure to check the right box.

At an all-inclusive hotel, the vendors already have been vetted and selected, and nearly everything is rolled up into one price. That flat fee includes food throughout the stay of couple, their families and guests, and at the wedding.

Packages even within one property can vary in what they include, and each hotel has its own cost structure but nearly all daytime activities for every guest—including kids—and evening entertainment also is covered. Some properties also include flowers, cake and the like.

“The number one benefit of booking an all-inclusive wedding venue is convenience,” noted TheKnot.com, an online publication. “When you're hiring and researching your own vendors, having unlimited options for wedding cake, entertainment and catering can feel overwhelming. All-inclusive venues provide all your basic wedding services.”

Few weddings, of course, come off without a, um, hitch, but bringing both the ceremony and the reception to an all-inclusive hotel can reduce the pressure of a couple’s big day from a white-hot flame of anxiety to a small simmer.

Money Matters

Additionally, all-inclusive hotels make the determination of costs much easier, and can ultimately save the couple and their families money.

“Budget monitoring is a lot easier when food and beverages are included in the room rate,” said Liz Cordero, Wedding Sales Manager, Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, Cancun. “If a couple has a set budget, our team can provide couples with a fixed cost based on size of the event and time of year. This equates to no surprise charges for the couple or their guests.”

That rate might appear high, but couples should be mindful of just how much it includes, suggested TheKnot.com. “Don't let the price tag of an all-inclusive wedding package scare you. The price may seem expensive compared to a non-all-inclusive venue, but by bundling your linens, catering, tables and other services, you can potentially gain big savings.”

The site continued, “Bundling your wedding services into one price allows you to avoid the hassle of making deposits to multiple vendors. Also, with all of the vendors on-site, you don't have to worry about delivery fees, clean-up costs or covering expenses for out-of-town vendors.”

Dealing with the hotel’s vendors, versus finding outside providers, also can give couples some extra perks. For example, said Cordero of the hotel having its own florist, “On many occasions, a bride will decide to add additional flowers to the tables, need an extra corsage, want to send flowers to a guest rooms, etc., so having the flower shop in-house is a big plus.”

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Proceed With Some Caution

Still, when evaluating all-inclusive properties, there are considerations couples should keep in mind.

“As you narrow down your list of all-inclusive venues, look carefully at what packages include,” advised Zola, an online wedding planning publication. “See the cost of add-ons, such as a champagne toast or cake cutting.”

Also, the site continued, “Your all-inclusive venue is providing a waitstaff, bartenders and a clean-up crew; how much are you expected to tip? Is gratuity included? And is there anything the venue doesn’t take care of?”

Still, said Cordero, “The one thing that an all-inclusive stay provides that a traditional hotel doesn’t is a worry-free holiday for the couple and their guests. No one will be handed a shockingly enormous bill at the end of their stay for incidentals, late-night bar [patronage], room service or even the minibar. It is truly all included.” 

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