In the fast-paced world of corporate event planning, finding the perfect venue that seamlessly combines luxury, convenience, and a touch of the extraordinary is no small feat. Recently, sophisticated and seasoned planner, Aggie Kobrin, planned a real estate training conference for CEC Global Events at Mayfair House Hotel & Garden and sat down to tell us about her experience. From the sales process to service to culinary delights, Mayfair House Hotel & Garden exceeded expectations at every turn. 


The Sales Process: Quick, Thoughtful, and Seamless

When asked about the booking process with Mayfair, Kobrin was quick to express her satisfaction. Mayfair's sales force showcased efficiency, attentiveness, and a genuine desire to make the booking experience as smooth as possible.

"The sales and service team are very easy, lovely friendly people, very responsive and on top of things," is how she described working with the seasoned team. 

Mayfair Rooms


The Environment: A Haven of Extraordinary Beauty

Mayfair is designed to be an Eden, a seductive escape into the extraordinary. Kobrin’s experience was uniquely transformative, natural, and still business focused. Mayfair's commitment to creating a captivating and visually stunning atmosphere while still pulling through purpose and goals of events is evident, providing a perfect backdrop for any event.

The more-is-more Maximalist design wasn’t lost with the recently completed multi-million-dollar renovation. With great care, the New York based design team, Goodrich, designed and restored this iconic Kenneth Treister building with the delicate intention the building and the Coconut Grove community deserves.

As you enter this captivating lobby, guests are greeted by a single door framed in hand-carved mahogany, beckoning you into the realm of timeless charm and decadence. Sunlight streams into the event space with floor to ceiling windows facing the open-air 7,000 square foot atrium garden that boasts over 50 species of botanical life.



The Service: Warm, Welcoming, Truly Miami

Described as warm, welcoming, and "truest Miami," Mayfair's service tone goes beyond expectation. Kobrin emphasized that everything, from the staff to the overall service, was excellent. The warmth and hospitality offered by the Mayfair team contribute to creating a memorable experience for guests, ensuring they feel valued and cared for throughout their stay.


The Culinary Experience: A Feast for the Senses

Lost Boy & Co. takes the reins of crafting culinary experiences for events at Mayfair, promising a delightful journey for taste buds. Kobrin and attendee’s favorite part of the food experience was the unique approach by these true restaurant professionals that elevated the standard breakfast, lunch, and breaks to new heights with true cultural representation of Miami.

Mayfair Grill


The WOW Factor: Overcoming Initial Apprehensions

Every planner has concerns when booking a new venue, and given the high profile and even higher expectations of her client base, Kobrin was no exception. However, Mayfair managed to dispel these fears with unparalleled responsiveness and support. Julieta, a standout member of the Mayfair team, played a crucial role in making the experience exceptional. The planner praised her as "terrific, very responsive, very helpful, and very fast." The positive surprise not only erased initial hesitations but also left an indelible mark, prompting the planner to express a commitment to booking many more events at Mayfair.



Mayfair House Hotel & Garden proved to be a gem in the realm of event planning, offering a harmonious blend of efficient service, captivating environments, delectable culinary delights, and the ability to exceed expectations. For ALHI meeting planners, Mayfair has set a new standard for luxury hospitality, leaving an indelible mark on their event planning journey. Mayfair's commitment to excellence and creating an extraordinary experience positions it as a top choice for those seeking a venue that goes beyond expectations.