What are the top wedding food and beverage trends for 2024? 

Destination Weddings by ALHI reached out to wedding experts at three Member resorts to help answer our questions. 


Meet our panel: 


Culinary Line Up



What is the most unique food and beverage trend you’re seeing for weddings in 2024 at your property? 


Adam Levay: We are gradually becoming specialists in Indian weddings in Budapest, with the large wedding parties typically coming from London or Dubai. We have Indian chefs in our team who are a great help in preparing the menus.  

Other weddings are characterized by easy-goingness and lack of formality; they are often held at external locations, even outdoors if the weather permits. Such weddings typically don’t have a set menu, but there are food stations and guests eat the food as if at a party. 

Many wonderful and unique – both modern and classic - venues are available for weddings in Budapest: gorgeous palaces, boats on the river Danube, the majestic Buda Castle, etc. 


Alfonso de la Dehesa and Carolina Moreno:  Live experiences and unique drinks. 

For example

  • Live cooking stations, such as pad thai from Saffron or pasta from Cello; custom-made desserts upon request; and all-in-one concepts (the resort's four restaurants come together in one event). 

  • Fresh, beautifully presented food. 

  • Premium spirits such as Casa Dragones and Don Julio tequila.  

  • Signature cocktails; bespoke recipes for the wedding party.  


Shiloh Walen-Roque: We see the 'traditional Bermuda wedding' trend surfacing here on-island. Persons in Bermuda historically married on Thursdays and following their marriage ceremony two separate wedding cakes were prepared and served to guests. One cake for the bride (multi-tier cake) and another cake for the groom (single-tier pound cake with gold leaf décor).  


The two cakes are a simple, yet unique way that bridal couples can implement a bit of Bermuda into their special day. Fun Fact: walking through the entry way of a Bermuda moon gate is symbolized as good luck to the newlyweds.   


Vegan and vegetarian options are an ongoing trend, though the added step to this is the locally and sustainably sourced offerings. At Hamilton Princess, we are committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing, working closely with our suppliers to serve sustainable/local/organic produce, seafood, coffee and tea where possible.   


For more casual wedding receptions, for example wedding cocktail receptions, we find that interactive food stations remain popular for small bites, and street food-style options. 


Chef's blog


How much is cost factoring into what couples are doing for their weddings? 


Adam Levay: Costs matter, especially when it comes to food. However, there are so many other costs and aspects of a wedding which are often given more importance, such as the location, flowers, decoration, the musicians and entertainers. 


Alfonso de la Dehesa and Carolina Moreno: Price is a definitive factor for clients; 80% of our clients make their decisions based on a cost-benefit relationship. Couples planning a wedding are looking for quality, stunning presentation and an unforgettable experience for their guests. 


Shiloh Walen-Roque: Cost is dependent on each couple’s expectations and/or their budget. At Hamilton Princess & Beach Club our specialized team will offer creative, thoughtful solutions that showcase the latest bridal trends for the discerning brides and grooms. 



Wedding Chef's Blog



We’re hearing a lot about customization requests, especially for drinks. What are some of the more unique requests you’ve received? 


Adam Levay: Our strength is that we always make personalized offers. Therefore, it’s mainly the couple who determine their needs, and the overall concept is always adapted to the location. 


Alfonso de la Dehesa and Carolina Moreno: Drinks to match the occasion. Margaritas are very trendy; our guests love to ask for margaritas that match the wedding's color scheme. We’re also seeing requests such as:  

  • To build and decorate the cake live while the ceremony is in progress for a surprising touch. 

  • The pet factor is quite popular. Guests like to include their beloved pets in the ceremony, sometimes as witnesses; other times, to share a slice of cake.  

  • Couples love customized menus that suit their tastes and needs, including gourmet menus with drink pairings.   

  • Boat arrivals to the ceremony or reception. 

  • Brides love to have the only wedding in the venue. At Banyan Tree, we usually have only one wedding per weekend. 


Shiloh Walen-Roque: Signature cocktails have been common at weddings and special events here at Hamilton Princess for some time. Anything from mango flavored mojitos, spicy margaritas to mocktails using Zero Proof mixers. Our bar team stays abreast of current mixology trends, and thrives on like designing unique concoctions to please our clients. They create homemade hibiscus and ginger syrups, and utilize fresh herbs from our small garden and dried citrus rinds as cocktail garnish. 


What are your signature wedding F&B offerings for 2024? 

Kempinski Budapest

Adam Levay: Actually, no menu is like another. The taste of the couple and the season determines how we tailor-make courses. Plus, the couple can still adjust the menu at the pre-wedding tasting. A general characteristic for dishes is that we use many colorful mini flowers on the plates and drinks, and this fits well with the theme of the wedding. 


  • Appetizers: I would definitely say local traditional soups and foie gras. Soup is part of Hungarians' daily meals and is essential for festive feasts. Goose liver is a typical Hungarian dish, with locally fattened goose liver gaining recognition, not only in Hungary, but in other countries. 


  • Main course: Here I would say veal and beef. These meats can be served grilled, roasted or sous vide. Couples choose the meat that they think will appeal to most of their guests. 


  • Dessert: We give classic Hungarian desserts a modern twist, and for weddings we recommend Rigó Jancsi, Esterházy cake and Dobos cake – the most famous local delicacies. 


  • Cocktails: Seasonality also applies here, but champagne cocktails are mostly requested. 



Alfonso de la Dehesa and Carolina Moreno: 


  • Appetizers: Watermelon salad, a very popular dish from Sands. 


  • Main course: Coffee-wrapped beef fillet, seared at low temperature. 


  • Dessert: Chocolate desserts with unique flavors. 


  • Cocktails: Margaritas, Titos vodka with soda. 


  • Customized drinks created just for the wedding. 



Shiloh Walen-Roque:  


  • Appetizers: Light, tasty salads or other curated plant-based dishes 


  • Main course: Surf & Turf is very popular at the hotel, especially with Bermuda Lobsters and Guinea Chicks (a seasonal offering). Whether the surf is lobster or fish we have access to local seafood, and our turf offerings range from high-grade cuts of beef to lamb, and vegetarians can expect creative plant-based dishes. 


  • Dessert: Cheesecake: anything from Mango to Oreo Cookie cheesecakes and sorbets have been popular. Dessert stations offering colorful macarons, dessert pops on sticks are fun items that allow guests to walk around the reception to mix and mingle while still enjoying their sweet treats. Also the traditional Bermuda wedding cake—sliced marble or fruit cake in cute packaging are popular for take-home treats for wedding guests. 


  • Cocktails: Bermuda Dark & Stormy, invented in Bermuda and the official national drink, is a highball made of spicy ginger beer and rich Gosling’s Black Seal dark rum. Bermuda Rum Swizzle, made of a blend of dark and light rums, and fruit juices, it is the unofficial national drink of our idyllic paradise. For a lighter drink, the Gosling’s South Shore is another rum and ginger combination, designed to be easy to make for high volume event bars. 


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