Delta Air Lines number one priority is taking care of you during every step of your travel journey. To ensure safety of passengers, Delta has implemented multiple strategies and protocols to help protect passengers during their travels with the Delta Care Standard.

Delta will end its middle seat blocking on May 1st, 2021. 

A New Check-in Experience 

  • All customers must wear a mask or face covering, and extra masks and Care Kits will be available at check-in if you need one.
  • Airport Kiosk are being wiped down and sanitized frequently throughout the day. 
  • You must confirm you are healthy to travel at check-in 
  • Hand sanitizer stations are in high-traffic areas throughout the airports
  • Employees will all wear face coverings and temperature checks before work
  • Plexiglass shiels have been added to all Delta counters

Aircraft Sanitization 

Delta is committed to providing travelers with clean air and spaces and has elevated their sanitation process. Every aircraft has recirculated fresh air as often as every 2-6 with HEPA filters, often used in operating rooms. Along with extensive cleaning operations before flight, Delta has partnered with Lysol to help keep surfaces safe. See how the duo joins forces to ensure travel safety for all passengers.