Whether looking for a coffee, a snack, a meal or a libation, Emeline exudes the culinary excellence required to satiate your cravings. With a restaurant-focused style at the heart of every meal, banquet meals delight with delicious offerings and excellent service.


Frannie & The FoxFrannie & The Fox: For the adventure-seeking, campfire-loving, or culinary enthusiast in us all, Frannie & The Fox presents a wood-burning concept of shareable dishes. Whether a guest of the Holy City or a Charlestonian, you will find a warm and engaging environment anytime. The courtyard and adjacent greenhouse offer open-air dining in a gardenesque vibe and are perfect for special occasions. Marked by a stunning wood-burning fireplace, enjoy true Southern hospitality at this Charleston-area gem.


Clerks Coffee: Handsome, charming and an independent character; Clerks leaves each guest with a distinctive and effortless impression. Sit and sip, or grab a cup and snack to go. Charleston is calling.


The Den: Step into The Den, Frannie’s secret hideaway tucked within the Frannie & The Fox dining room. The Den is not just a bar; it’s the Fox’s best-kept secret, where the wily gather for great drinks and even better company. Designed for those seeking the perfect post-work pick-me-up or a nightcap to remember, The Den promises more than your typical watering hole. Here, embark on a hidden adventure that sets Emeline apart from the rest. The Den specializes in hand-shaken martinis, bubbly champagne and Italian-inspired shareable plates – all served with a side of indulgence.


Emeline The Den


Keep Shop: For those who crave the unique and exquisite, Emeline has the perfect place in Keep Shop. Delve into a rare luxury retail experience featuring a variety of clothing, accessories, home goods, print designs and more.