Only at Turtle Bay Experiences

Signature adventures that lead to discovery transformed. 

You want to go deeper, take the road not taken, discover more. The North Shore community welcomes you to see a side of Hawaii most others don’t see. Deeply connected to the land, the waves, and to the people, Only at Turtle Bay Experiences are just that: above the ordinary. There’s a spirit, a pulse, an invigorating breath of life that’s waiting to be explored. Dive in and holoholo, adventure for the joy of it

Jamie O'Brien Surf Experience

Hawaii is the surfing capital of the world and the birthplace of surf culture. Surfing is a rich part of Hawaiian culture and the North Shore is the place to do it. Home of legendary swells, this is where you can retrace the waves of legends. At Turtle Bay, you can catch the waves of your dreams on the world-famous North Shore with a member of the Jamie O'Brien Surf ExperienceTeam.

Learn from one of the island’s best surfers who know the breaks like the back of their hand and will guide you every step of the way. There’s nothing like the thrill of the ride and the feel of the ocean around you. To do it alongside a pro, is a surf experience that can’t be topped. The Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience is Oahu’s premier surf school servicing the North Shore of Oahu as Turtle Bay Resort’s exclusive surf experience partner. Specializing in teaching people of all skill levels the art of riding waves on premium equipment guided by professional staff through curated surf and stand-up paddle experiences.

Paniolo Paina

The official meaning of Paniolo is a person who herds cattle, a cowboy. But the experience of it is steeped in a rich cultural tradition of Hawaiian ranching. Delicious eats, live entertainment, fun activities for the keiki. At Turtle Bay, the highlight of any visit is experiencing a Hawaiian Paniolo Dinner, set against a backdrop of the stables and ocean.

The weekly Hawaiian Paniolo Paina will feature a buffet of perfectly Smoked Beef Brisket, a pig roast, grilled pineapple, a variety of enticing salads and vegetarian items. Held on the lawn, this festive event is topped off with live entertainment and tours of the stables. Authentic Aloha from start to finish.


Turtle Bay Exclusive Multi-Island Expedition

If you’re looking for a new perspective, this is it. Soar along the coastlines of Oahu, Moloka'i, Lana'i, Maui, Kaho'olawe, and the Big Island. A cliffside champagne toast and a stunning waterfall picnic. Elevated, indeed.

Truly the experience of a lifetime. Take in the sights of six of the eight Hawaiian Islands by helicopter on this, the most extraordinary of Hawaii Island tours.Your adventure sends you high above, soaring along the coastlines of Oahu, Moloka'i, Lana'i, Maui, Kaho'olawe, and the Big Island. 

You’ll see a world of remarkable beauty. Historic landmarks, rugged canyons embedded with misty rainforests, and the signature sandy beaches of the beautiful Hawaii Islands. Land on the staggering Moloka’i Seacliffs, the highest in the world, for a champagne toast before heading to the Healing Waterfall Landing on the Big Island for a picnic.


Shark Snorkel & Marine Research

Join the One Ocean Diving team, led by author and environmentalist Ocean Ramsey, to learn about their important Pelagic Program research on the marine life in Hawaii’s coastal waters. 

Then the highlight: swimming with sharks out of Haleiwa Harbor where the One Ocean crew will help you every step of the way, pull you down to dive, watch your back if you’re diving on your own, or just make sure you’re having a great time.

Then support shark research and conservation by adopting and naming your own shark, one you encounter on your dive. The photo identification program uses high-resolution photos to document our semi-residential pelagic community. Stay up to date with your shark via social media. 


Cultural Bike Tour

Your guide will take you to significant points of interest along 1,300 remarkable acres. Natural wonders, untouched land, fresh Hawaii air. And untold stories along the way. 

Turtle Bay and the community on the North Shore of O’ahu are rooted in rich history and deep cultural connections. Ahupua`a are the triangular-shaped pieces of land stretching from the mountain to the sea (mauka to makai) that provide for the community. Seafood from the sea, produce from the land, forests for wood. It’s the spirit of Aloha that is rooted in our extraordinary natural landscape.

Learn about the important ahupua`a designations and the roles they placed in Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiian societies, while visiting `ahu markers along the way.