Posadas is a leading hotel company in Mexico, offering numerous resort & hotel offerings for any meeting, incentive or program. Experience their dynamic and unique brands below.


Created in 2004, Live Aqua is Posadas' first lifestyle hotel brand. At Live Aqua, guest's experiences and senses are the highest priority. This original hotel concept engages all five senses with exciting cuisine, soothing areas for relaxation, enticing aromas and fragrances, stunning visuals, peaceful sounds and captivating textures.

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Designed for travelers seeking true luxury in an exclusive atmosphere, Grand Fiesta Americana debuted in 1998. Noted for special touches and unique amenities, the hotels focus on delivering excellent, high-quality personal service and unrivaled hospitality. Its grand and luxurious facilities are considered the jewels in the crown of Fiesta Americana's five-star hotel properties.

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The five-star hotels of Fiesta Americana blend Mexican hospitality and architecture with the service, charm and quality of the world's finest hotels. Warm, casual and friendly, the hotel and it's staff will ensure that guest stays are perfect at these beautiful venues located in Mexico's famous beach and resort towns.

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Blending romance, adventure and luxury with the natural surroundings of the Mayan jungle, The Explorean unlocks the imagination. Guests explore the waterways, discover remote and historic Mayan sites, hike through the jungle and resort grounds, spy birds and wildlife, rappel on rock walls, cycle through the forest, and take in the natural air. Visiting The Explorean is a unique and unforgettable experience made possible by Fiesta Americana.