Engaged couples often want to look beyond the constraints of a windowless ballroom for a wedding venue and instead have their special day feature a backdrop that incorporates the entire destination. As a result, rooftops are becoming an increasingly popular choice for a venue.  


Mountain Shadows


“The combination of scenic views, urban charm, intimacy, versatility and social media appeal has contributed to the growing popularity of rooftop weddings, making them a trendy choice for modern couples looking to celebrate their love in style,” says JoAnn Gregoli with Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli


Rooftops weddings create an ambiance of an outdoor event while still offering many amenities of an indoor venue, Gregoli says. The weather and importance of having an indoor backup space are always important considerations, and so are providing umbrellas, canopies, or tents to help guests stay comfortable. Gregoli adds couples should offer heaters, fans or blankets to ensure the temperature doesn’t distract from the ability of guests to enjoy the event. 

“Rooftop venues often offer stunning views of city skylines, mountains, or other scenic landscapes, providing a picturesque backdrop for the wedding ceremony and reception,” Gregoli says. “Rooftop venues often exude an air of exclusivity and sophistication, adding a sense of glamour to the wedding celebration.” 

Chic lounge areas can be created on rooftops that include stylish seating arrangements with couches, ottomans, and pillows that allow wedding guests to talk and relax, Gregoli says. She also suggests using a rooftop’s architecture and layout to inspire the décor of a wedding and including elements like potted plants, floral arrangements, or a flower-adorned canopy to add elegance. 


One of the most challenging aspects of a rooftop wedding is transporting all the guests up at about the same time, especially when there are a limited number of elevators to use, says Somer Khouri Bedran, co-founder of Cleveland, Ohio-based A Charming Fête. She recommends allowing adequate time for the movement of guests and indicating that in invitations.  


Bringing up furniture pieces and décor to the rooftop can be difficult, especially when setup is on the same day as the wedding, Khouri Bedran says. As a result, she says having realistic expectations on what can be brought up to the rooftop is key. Hiring professions that can work out a production schedule is also important to ensure all the desired design can be executed properly. 


In addition to general weather considerations, Khouri Bedran says it’s important to consider how windy it might be as wind factors into everyone’s comfort level as well as what décor and furniture can be used during a wedding. Gregoli adds compliance with noise ordinances is another important consideration. 



Top Floor Offerings at Resorts, Hotels 


InterCon Miami


Properties are using their rooftops for weddings in various ways with InterContinental Miami transforming its fifth-floor pool deck into its Skylawn that includes 35,000 square-feet of event space overlooking the Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay. The area has turf and can accommodate 1,000 guests. 



Hotel Effie


Hotel Effie Sandestin in Miramar Beach, Fla., has its Ara Rooftop that offers views of the resort, Choctawhatchee Bay, and even the Gulf of Mexico, providing another take on a wedding near the coast. 


“Opting for a rooftop wedding with panoramic views offers several advantages over a traditional beachfront ceremony,” says Jodi Joyce, Weddings Manager at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. “The rooftop provides an elevated platform for the wedding party and guests, ensuring unobstructed views of the coastline without concerns related to tides, weather conditions, or accessibility issues that may arise with beach ceremonies. Additionally, the rooftop setting allows for a more private and intimate experience while still capturing the essence of a coastal celebration.” 



Mountain Shadows


Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale in Paradise Valley, AZ., has 4,140 square feet of event space in an overlook that can accommodate 400 guests while providing views of Camelback Mountain.  



Peninsula Chicago


The Peninsula Chicago has a terrace that serves as an extension of its grand ballroom that can hold up to 300 guests for a cocktail reception with views of the city skyline, and Prince Waikiki in Honolulu has a fifth-floor poolside venue called the Muliwai Deck offering a protected outdoor area for weddings in rain or sunshine. 


Prince Waikiki


With so many ways to celebrate a wedding on a rooftop, couples will likely continue to seek out venues that provide views of an entire locale.  

“Rooftop weddings are absolutely gorgeous in any shape or form — either the ceremony or reception — it gives you the ability to feel free to have your outdoor ceremony but also have the beautiful views of cities, lakes, oceans, whatever it may be,” Khouri Bedran says.  


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