The Prince Waikiki supports the local community by working with local farmers and fish auction blocks in designing menus throughout the property's restaurant outlets and events. The hotel’s Culinary Team and Conference Service Managers go above and beyond to personalize menus, themes and experiences for each client. Prince Waikiki caters to groups of all sizes including intimate gatherings to large conventions and also utilizes the hotel's rooftop garden and the golf course for many culinary creations. The Prince Waikiki Executive Chef begins any menu designs by thinking of a vegetarian meal first and working his way to expanding the core menu so that everyone enjoys the same experience.


Prince Waikiki Cuisine


Prince Waikiki Supports Local Farmers

In an effort to create banquet menus from locally sourced ingredients, the hotel supports several local farmers. 

  • Ludavico Chicken: All chicken is purchased from local Ludavico Chicken.
  • Ho Farms: Located in Kahuku and Ewa (where the Hawaii Prince Golf Club is located), Prince Waikiki purchases such ingredients as kale, dragonfruit, japanese cucumber, eggplant, swiss chard, assorted beets and roselle from this farm.
  • Sumida Farms: The property sources watercress from Sumida Farms.
  • Kaneko Farms: The farm owner was previously a student at the University of Hawaii Farming Program providing students a small plot of land in Waimanalo to grow produce. Prince Waikiki purchases all of Kaneko Farms' produce including swiss chard, kale, bravo radish, watermelon radish, okra, lettuce and beets. The property additionally designs menus around the availability of this farmer's bounty each season.
  • Aloha Tofu: All tofu needs on property are purchased through this farm.
  • Fantastic Gardens: Located in Waimanalo, this farmer is the only grower of hearts of palm on Oahu.
  • Auction Block: Most fish on property is purchased from the local fish auction block.
  • Kauai Shrimp is purchased from the Kauai Island as well as Kona Lobster and Abalone from the Big Island.


Prince Waikiki Shot Glass


Craft Cocktails Paired with Each Menu

The Prince Waikiki mixologist utilizes all fresh ingredients and techniques in creating craft cocktails to pair each beverage with the various food provided. Ingredients include marigolds from Metro or Kupu, locally sourced lemongrass, Koloa Rum from Kauai, and cucumbers from Ho Farms. The hotel is working with Hamakua Coast Premium for sweet potato, lilikoi, calamansi and macadamia nut syrups as well as with Kuleana Rum and Kohana Rum on specialty liquors.


Prince Waikiki Fish


Prince Waikiki Partnerships

In addition to locally sourced ingredients, Prince Waikiki thoughtfully partners with local companies in curating dynamic and unique offerings exclusive to the hotel.

  • Aloha Beer: Aloha Beer added a special twist to their standard Froot Lupes beer to create an exclusive for Prince Waikiki; the Baby Froot Lupes. Baby Froot Lupes is currently featured in 100 Sails, Hinana Bar and Club Lounge on property.
  • Kona Brew: Knowing throughout the United States for their favorites Kona Longboard and Big Wave, the Prince Waikiki mixologist is working with Kona Brew to feature exclusive flavors brewed on the Hawaii islands. These flavors will be offered in Club Lounge and Hinana enticing guests to try these unique flavors with recognition of the Kona Brew logo.
  • Dobel Tequila: Dobel created an exclusive product just for Prince Waikiki.