Destination Weddings by ALHI is always looking to collaborate with unique and innovative companies and individuals, and when we crossed paths with BuDhaGirl, we knew this was a match made in heaven.

BuDhaGirl believes there is a mindful glamour in all of us. The lifestyle brand that promotes wellbeing through contemplative practice has been intriguing the world since its launch in 2012.

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Jessica Jesse,CEO, Founder, and Creative Director, believes fashion is a compelling driver of behavior and has been reimagining the journey to wellbeing by combining meditative practice, science and fashion through the brand. Jesse’s 30-year career in high fashion, which included working closely with icons such as Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and Gianni Versace, gave her the fundamental background for launching BuDhaGirl, a venture sparked by a trip to Thailand.

We sat down with the BuDhaGirl team to learn about the brand, the inspiration behind it and what’s in store for the future. Plus, we offer four tips on how wedding planners can incorporate the BuDhaGirl philosophy into their work.

ALHI Weddings: Tell us about the BuDhaGirl brand and the inspiration behind its creation.

BuDhaGirl: Jessica was inspired to create BuDhaGirl after a fateful trip to Thailand. On this trip, she watched as Thai monks at the temple gave out a beautiful golden bangle in return for alms. What if women in the rest of the world were taught to combine fashion, ritual and gratitude in the context of everyday lives? And so, BuDhaGirl was born. 

ALHI Weddings: Can you elaborate on how BuDhaGirl incorporates wellness, mindfulness and intention into its products? 

BuDhaGirl: Every one of our products has a Mindful Glamour ritual, which is our brand. We ask that you pause, take a deep breath and focus on what your intentions will be for the day. In the evening we ask you to again pause, breathe and end your day in gratitude.

ALHI Weddings: What is the biggest message behind BuDhaGirl?

BuDhaGirl: You are what you think. It’s how you approach life and your ability to be resilient, to persevere and to do this with kindness and compassion while looking great.

ALHI Weddings: BuDhaGirl recently launched a Wedding Capsule. What can you tell us about that?

BuDhaGirl:  So many times, people would approach us and want bangles for their wedding because of the ritual, meaning for the special occasion, and our array of fabulous colors. One day we said, ‘Why not, lets inspire ourselves with beautiful weddings and create our own collection’.

ALHI Weddings: What is the future of the brand, and do you see this growing into something bigger than jewelry and accessories? 

BuDhaGirl: Yes, we are moving into consumables such as tea and champagne.

In the decade since the brand’s launch, BuDhaGirl has evolved from its iconic stacks of all-weather bangles to men’s designer bracelets, birthstone bracelets, luxe rings and earrings, handbags and travel accessories. Jessica said that about 40% of their customers buy their items because they’re fashionable, and the other 60% buy into the intention. “In the beginning, it was tough for people to buy into the mindfulness component of it,” Jesse said, “now it’s not hard for people to get it.”

We couldn’t agree more. Today’s consumers, especially couples, want that special “something” to create a unique experience. They’re seeking memorable touches that can be incorporated into their lifestyle, touches that they can share with those around them. Mindfulness and intention are important elements and BuDhaGirl brings this to the table in a fashionable way.

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Four Reasons to Appreciate BuDhaGirl

  • From the pool to the yoga studio to dressing up any outfit, you can wear their branded all-weather bangles anywhere. They are soundless, weightless, waterproof and TSA-proof. Or as BuDhaGirl says, “they are life perfect.”
  • BuDhaGirl’s curated wedding capsule provides gifting options for brides to be, bridal parties and bridal showers.
  • Planners aren’t always very good at relaxing. BuDhaGirl teaches us that the world can wait. We love the concept behind taking a moment to intentionally relax and to fully enjoy this time for yourself.
  • This is so much more than a jewelry line. BuDhaGirl believes in intention setting and being mindful in one’s daily actions. We love that rituals are such a big part of BuDhaGirl’s philosophy and that these rituals involve moments of daily preparation which, in turn, allow us to live each day with joy.


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