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Leading Authorities, Inc. speakers bureau works with amazing people - the incredible event and meeting professionals who keep the organization sharp as they find the perfect solution to every challenge. LAI represents talented speakers who “wow” audiences every time they hit a stage or a screen and the company is always ready to jump in with connections, ideas, and “been there, done that” best practices to make sure everyone looks good. 

More than 30 years ago, when Mark French opened the doors at Leading Authorities, he created a client-focused business on the ideas that using an extensive knowledge of today’s trending topics, deep insights of represented talent, an ability to generate fresh and exciting ideas, and a strong creative background would create a leader in the events industry. Partner with LAI to tell stories and reinforce key messaging. Today, Leading Authorities, Inc. houses three distinct lines of business: a premier speakers bureauvideo communications agency, and a live events production practice.

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