Very few people understand the realities of human trafficking. The truth is, human trafficking and sexual exploitation happen everywhere. Many cases go unreported and there is no central data source.  As a company and a supporter and signer of The Code, we stand with those who have been affected by trafficking and want to bring awareness to the ongoing problem.

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are over 40 million victims globally; 1 in 4 victims is a child. As professionals in the hospitality and travel industry, we can play a crucial role in preventing human trafficking. Victims are often sold in hotel rooms and transported via airlines, commercial buses and the on-demand economy. 

Alarming Statistics: Understanding the Global Impact of Trafficking

  • Approximately 25 million people are trafficked worldwide. Source: Polaris Group, a survivor-centered, justice- and equity-driven movement to end human trafficking.

  • In 2020, 1 in 6 runaways were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Source: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

  • The NCMEC CyberTipline received more than 21.7 million reports with a majority related to child sexual abuse material and online enticement, including "sextortion," as well as instances of child sex trafficking and sexual molestation.

  • An FBI study in 2016 revealed that 52% of all juvenile arrests for commercial sex acts are African-American children.

  • Studies consistently find that 50-90% of child sex trafficking victims have been involved in the child welfare system. Source: Child Welfare Information Gateway.

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ALHI is a proud member and endorser of The Code and supporter of PACT.

PACT & The CodeThe Code, short for "The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism", is an initiative with the mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. When your company signs The Code, it makes a commitment to do what it can to put an end to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. JOIN THE CODE

PACT, which stands for "Protect All Children from Trafficking", is on a mission to protect every child’s right to grow up free from child sexual exploitation and trafficking through education, legislative advocacy and partnerships. PACT empowers youth and communities, advocates for policy change, and develops strong and sustainable partnerships to educate and raise awareness on child human trafficking. SIGN UP TO PACT

Trafficking in the hospitality industry

Human trafficking is a crime that is sometimes described as "hidden in plain sight" because victims may look like ordinary members of the community. But behind the scenes, they are living a life of modern slavery. They may have entered into the situation under false pretenses and become trapped, or they may have had no choice to become involved.

Victims of human trafficking may not be aware of their rights or even self-identify as victims. Or, in many cases, their fear and trauma may be keeping them from seeking the help they desperately need. That’s where people like you come in. Vulnerable people need others in the community to look out for them and act on their behalf. Ordinary citizens can be the eyes and ears that alert law enforcement to the operations of traffickers.

Due to the anonymous, risk-free nature of our industry, children across the globe are exploited in hotels, ranging from budget properties to luxury resorts. With proper training, we can notice when something is not right and report a suspected case.

We are in a unique position to identify and report human trafficking. 

"Unfortunately, the hospitality industry - including hotels, resorts and airlines - comes into contact with those involved in human trafficking as they commit their crimes. As an industry, we can come together to make an impact by training staff to spot signs of human trafficking and contributing to resources that allow law enforcement to identify perpetrators and prosecute them to the extent of the law," said Michael Dominguez, President & CEO of ALHI. "This is our first step into taking a stand and we are eager to educate our members, clients and colleagues on how to put an end to human trafficking."


Join the Fight to ​Combat Child Trafficking

Look for The Signs

Not every person displaying unusual behavior is involved in human trafficking. But sometimes a combination of unusual behaviors can be an indicator that something suspicious is going on. A person who has been trafficked may:

- Show signs that their movement is controlled.
- Have no access to their earnings.
- Have false identity or travel documents.
- Be unable to negotiate working conditions.
- Not know their home or work address.
- Work excessively long hours over long periods.
- Have limited or no social interaction.
- Think they must work to pay off a debt to their employer.
- Not be allowed to go out in public alone or speak for themselves.
- Have limited contact with their family or with people outside of their immediate environment.
- Appear poor or lacking personal possessions.
- Avoid eye contact, social interaction and authority figures or law enforcement.
- Check into hotels or motels with older males, referring to those males as boyfriend or “daddy” (which is often street slang for pimp).

Remember, each indicator alone may not necessarily mean a person is being trafficked.

Use the TraffickCam App When Traveling 

Traffickers usually post photographs of their victims in hotel rooms. The traffickcam app allows you to take photos of the hotel rooms you stay in, helping to create a database of images that can be used to find and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. 

Report It

If you think trafficking is happening, report it to the proper authorities, a line manager or a safety representative in your organization. If you haven’t been asked by a victim for help, do not attempt to let them know you have reported it and do not confront the perpetrator. You need to ensure the victims’ safety and your own.

National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888 and text line 233733).
911 for emergency situations, such as threats of violence, physical assault or emergency medical needs.

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Every donation helps PACT in preventing child sexual exploitation and trafficking before it starts. A heartfelt thank you goes out to every single contribution from our incredible Hotel Members, Clients, and Partners. Your generosity is helping PACT in its mission to create a world where no child is ever bought, sold or used for sex. 

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