Strategic Advisory Group: Eric Rozenberg

Eric Rozenberg is an acquisition entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster and two-time Amazon bestselling author. He has helped entrepreneurs grow and manage their business. For more than two decades, he has advised with Fortune 500 companies and produced award-winning sales meetings, incentive trips, product launches and conferences in more than 50 countries across diverse industries.

He believes organizations must create meetings and events that are not only breathtakingly memorable, but which bring corporate strategies to life and amplify team motivation and performance.

His podcast, The Business of Meetings, is the first in the meeting and event industry dedicated to business owners. His first book, Meeting at C-Level, was written to address the “why” of a meeting. His second book, Before It’s Too Late, A Love Letter to My Daughters and America, is a story of grit, perseverance and courage, and describes why and how he and his wife brought their daughters to America.

He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and the Strategic Forum and is on the board of trustees of the Demoucelle Parkinson Foundation in Belgium. He also was the first European to serve as chair of the International Board of Directors for Meeting Professionals International.

Programming & Workshops


Strategic Advising: Services are highly focused on getting results for the participants and their organization. They include leveraging sales mindset to become a trusted advisor, doing business with different cultures and facilitating association board and executive team facilitation.

Specialized Offerings: How to Leverage a Strategic Sales Mindset; Communicating to a Diverse Audience in a Globally-Connected World; and Association Board/Executive Team Facilitation

Customized Service: Each service will be custom designed to provide the information, guidance and training needed for the client to create greater value. Advising services will be provided by current employees of ALHI (internal advisors) and by independent contractors (external advisors) on a project basis. 

How to Leverage a Strategic Sales Mindset: Are you frustrated because you aren’t differentiating yourself from other salespeople? Are you tired of being commoditized by your customers? If you answer yes to one or both questions you are overly focused on the logistical side of the business and misunderstanding what your partnership with clients should be. 

Anyone can say they are a partner to their clients, but few understand and employ the elements that position them as a strategic partner. This session is designed to teach participants the how and what of strategic partnership using an easy-to-implement and effective framework to provide more value to customers. You will learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition with this seven-step method.


  • Flip the script on your sales pitch from every day to strategic
  • Provide a clear difference between yourself from your competition
  • Ability to assist your clients early-on in their planning process
  • Develop a long-term relationship with your customers based on trust and results
  • Define your role moving forward

Communicating to a Diverse Audience in a Globally-Connected World: Whether you’re working abroad or welcoming international guests to your meeting or property, your understanding of cultural differences determines your overall success. Do you know what to expect when planning a meeting abroad, building international teams or selling to international clients? Are you comfortable working with different cultures? There is no simple answer; rather you must show you know what matters, what’s different and what isn’t. Avoid common pitfalls and unintended offenses and by doing so become more successful. 

This fun and engaging presentation details the various dimensions to consider to avoid critical mistakes and enhance communication and collaboration with customers and colleagues from around the world. As a recently naturalized U.S. citizen, Eric shares unique insight from having worked in more than 50 countries along with his experienced approach to managing cultural differences in business.


  • Understand various cultural dimensions and their impact
  • Be able to communicate more effectively with non-U.S. colleagues or guests
  • Build stronger multicultural teams
  • Create better experiences for international delegates
  • Learn about yourself vs. other cultures


Association Board / Executive Team Facilitation: Having a knowledgeable outsider facilitate board and executive meetings brings tangible and intangible results. It provides a trusted, unbiased advisor to assist with reframing challenges, formulate a realistic agenda, keep all focused on the task at hand, and ensure that results are achieved. Eric has worked with association executives to frame and deliver a highly productive and focused meeting. He understands the uniqueness of purpose of associations, is skilled at moving discussion to a solution, is willing to provide direct and timely feedback, and knows how to create a supportive and enjoyable meeting environment.


  • Assist association leaders in defining challenges
  • Identify outcomes
  • Pre-meeting interviews
  • Post-meeting debrief
  • Post-event connections, whether in-person or virtually

Strategic Advisory Group