Strategic Advisory Group: Sue "Speaker Sue" Coore

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, also known as “Speaker Sue,” has more than 25 years of experience in sales training, having delivered high-energy presentations to audiences worldwide. The author of two books, “Power Sales Writing," and "How to Say it to Sell It,” she is known for her dynamic personality, infectious energy and genuine passion for helping others succeed and delivers fun, practical and impactful presentations.

Sue has worked with some of the biggest names in the business world, from the New York Yankees, SalesForce, Disney, Madison Square Garden, Four Seasons, Montage, Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton Hotels to boutique luxury groups like Hublot, Virtuoso, The Savoy, London and Equinox Hotel. She was voted Best Hospitality Trainer 2023 by M&A Today Global Awards and Corporate Meetings.

In her free time, she loves running, hiking and eating at home with her husband, Bill. 

Programming & Workshops


Strategic Advising: Smart, strategic, tailored communication is at the heart of creating positive business impacts. Each practical and specific offering is laser focused on elevating conversations to increase revenue, improve customer relationships, bolster professionalism and productivity, and create distinction in a highly competitive marketplace.

Specialized Offerings: Customized email sales training and workshops, persuasive skills training for new hires, communication skills facilitation and workshops, and in-depth sales training.

Customized Service: Each service will be custom designed to provide the information, guidance and training needed for the client to create greater value. Advising services will be provided by current employees of ALHI (internal advisors) and by independent contractors (external advisors) on a project basis. 

The Email Advantage: Maximizing Sales Potential Through Highly Effective Communication for Sales and Catering Sales Teams, Event Managers, Reservations Managers and Teams: This sales training program is designed to equip sales professionals with the dynamic and interactive skills and strategies needed to maximize sales results through highly effective email communication. Discover the art and science of crafting compelling sales emails, engaging prospects and driving conversions. Unlock the power of email to own a competitive edge and achieve unparalleled sales success. Participants will demonstrate application of fresh, modern, strategic email skills that initiate and advance the sales process, moving prospects to a buying decision.


  • Turbocharge prospecting and follow-up emails with personalization and key selling words
  • Transform transaction-based messaging through sticky brain friendly messaging to be positioned as a trusted adviser
  • Move from “urgency” to authentic, organic FOMO to propel commitment
  • Infuse every interrelation with positivity and solution-oriented thinking
  • Turn “objections" into opportunities with new, dynamic thinking

Email Evolution: Transforming from Average to Awesome in the Digital Realm
Email Evolution: 
An engaging and transformative training class designed to accelerate internal teams' productivity, professionalism and results. This training provides both personal and professional development to unleash potential and impact revenue production. Participants gain practical, immediately applicable strategies, tools and best practices to enhance clarity, efficiency and professionalism. Count on creating more impactful, results-driven communication. Participants will demonstrate an enhanced professional image, foster more effective collaboration, boost productivity and drive for desired outcomes.


  • Eliminate outdated, non-inclusive language that sabotages respect, credibility and trust
  • Apply best practice structures, processes and formats for clear and concise emails
  • Choose messaging that is highly effective, conveying both content and intent
  • Identify the communication purpose and writing with purpose to gain commitment

Communication/Email Excellence: Igniting Your Persuasive Skills for New Hire Success: This workshop is designed to equip new hires with essential skills to be at their best, starting from day one. Using the power of persuasive language, participants apply practical structures to create impact and results when communicating, leading to strong collaborative and professional relationships. By building authentic rapport, writing purposefully, exhibiting positivity and designing frictionless next steps, new hires quickly ramp up to be productive talent. Participants will use email and other communication tools to develop positive, productive and professional relationships.


  • Communicate with care and purpose
  • Apply practical, new communication structures to create compelling and results-oriented messages
  • Eliminate destructive, negative language to foster strong collaborative relationships and drive positive outcomes

Selling and Communicating with ChatGPT - for the Win: Like the printing press, light bulb and 24-hour mascara, ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we sell and service. Blending email expertise and selling insights, ChatGPT is your ticket to skyrocketing sales and winning customer interactions. Gain hands-on experience in customizing and training ChatGPT to take your emails, productivity and results to new levels of success. Learn to leverage AI’s capabilities to stay ahead and win more opportunities.


  • Understand the key components of compelling, successful high-achieving email thru AI technology and to save time, improve engagement, response rates and drive sales conversions
  • Understand how to prompt engineer to effectively leverage generative capabilities of ChatGPT
  • Acquire the skill to reflect your unique voice, create brand distinction and boost prospect desire

Strategic Advisory Group