At ALHI, we are committed to building a strong and loyal client community and value your expertise and contributions, which are crucial to our shared success. We are delighted to share some insightful information that highlights the strength of our network:

Over the past five years, including the challenging period of 2020 and 2021, ALHI Member Hotels have experienced remarkable growth with a total of $1.3 billion booked through our relationships.

Our most loyal clients, who have consistently chosen an ALHI Member Hotel for all five years, including the pandemic, represent 25% of the total booked amount, which amounts to an impressive $335 million. Their unwavering support showcases the outstanding quality and value that our Member hotels consistently deliver.

Additionally, 60% of the clients who booked through ALHI have booked ALHI Member Hotels for three out of the past five years, demonstrating their loyalty and satisfaction. This group account for an astounding $900 million. 

We are grateful for your ongoing support and collaboration and believe that together, we can continue to strengthen the ALHI client community.