As the hospitality industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and face-to-face events make their resurgence, there continues to be a market for hybrid meetings. If your next face-to-face meeting calls for a hybrid component, there are several considerations in executing a successful event.

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Environment: Consider safety, seating, lighting and noise management to strategically plan a purposeful experience for both in-person and remote attendees.

Experience: Especially for remote attendees, correct camera positioning, content display options, strategically placed video displays and well coordinated sound checks will provide a dynamic experience.

Engagement: Ensure that remote attendees can engage in content alongside in-person attendees. Consider polling, surveys, networking and gamification to increase overall engagement.

Connectivity: Perhaps most important, securing a stable and robust network to host hybrid components is critical to a great experience. Consider network support, reliability and scalability when finalizing details.

Content: This is what attendees are here for! When compiling content components, make sure to include physical and digital branding, storytelling elements and consider utilizing different mediums for excitement.

Project Management: As with any event, the attendee experience from pre-event communication to post-event follow up is critical to overall effectiveness. Consider varying locations, attention spans of attendees, and event production roles within the project timeline.

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Whether coordinating a small boardroom meeting or a large conference, InterContinental Miami and their partnership with Encore can offer the cost-effective, full-service solution needed to execute.