In partnership with the Exchange Initiative and their TraffickCamApp, ALHI is working with our members with a goal of full participation in North America and as the App's capabilities grow, globally.Beyond our members, the ALHI team uses this App in our travels and share with our clients for them to also get involved.

What is It? 

TraffickCam allows the capability upload photos of your hotel room while traveling to be uploaded to law enforcements database to fight trafficking. 

How does it work?

You can upload your photos for free on the app, which are then added to a large database of hotel room images. Law enforcement then analyzes the photos and patterns of the carpeting, furniture, room accessories and window views. The photos are then matched against the database of traveler images to provide law enforcement with a list of potential hotels where the photo may have been taken.

Step-by-Step Upload Process

1. Locate and download theTraffickCamApp from the GooglePlay Store or Apple Store.

Imported Image


2. Enter the Hotel Name and Room Number. Several hotels are already stored in their database. If not, select "Add {Hotel Name} toTraffickCam" to enter into their database.

Imported Image

3. Select each camera icon to take four individual photos of the room. As indicated, they recommend the following photos:

  • Two pictures of the entire roomfrom different locations
  • One picture of the bed from the foot of the bed
  • One picture of the bathroom from the doorway

4. Once all photos have uploaded, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

--Source: TraffickCam (Exchange Initiative)