Carats & Cake, a website and resource known for featuring weddings in front of an audience of more than 100 million, has entered a partnership with Destination Weddings by ALHI, which offers services such as venue selection, site visits and contract negotiations for a carefully curated portfolio of independent, luxury resorts and hotels worldwide.

The agreement will provide ALHI’s members exclusive access and preferred pricing to Carats & Cakes’ marketing services, which will drive more awareness and convert more bookings. The partnership also gives more visibility to the wedding planners who work with ALHI.

Having a wedding featured on the popular Carats & Cake website is a highly sought-after privilege, along with having a hotel and resort venue listed. Founded in 2013, the Carats & Cake platform offers everything from personalized wedding websites, logos and monograms to couples to providing a suite of solutions for venues that includes everything from marketing to invoicing and contracting.

Carats & Cake is a subsidiary of ROH.

“As the premier luxury hotel member representation company, ALHI has continued to look at the best luxury strategic partners,” said Michael Dominguez, President, and CEO of ALHI. “In 2021 we launched Destination Weddings by ALHI to support the sales effort of our member hotels and we couldn’t be more excited to enter a partnership with ROH as its reputation and place in the hospitality industry is unmatched.”

The partnership forges a deeper affiliation between ALHI’s 250 luxury properties and ROH’s purpose-built software solutions that serve the very specific needs of the industry including delivering high quality experiences to the property management teams and ultimately the customers these properties serve.

The deal also offers preferred pricing and exclusive access to Carats & Cake, delivers industry-first access to data and market insights, and introduces opportunities for sales and finance teams to benefit from intuitive, real-time dashboards to manage contracts, invoicing, payments, and make informed decisions that will materially impact the bottom line.

“At ROH, we’re on a mission to power the future of hospitality,” said Jess Conroy, Founder and CEO of ROH. “Accomplishing that mission would not be possible without partners like ALHI. Not only does ALHI understand the value that ROH and our family of brands provides, but its sales team stands behind ROH’s purpose-built platform, eager to share our transformative marketing, sales, and finance capabilities with ALHI’s trusted portfolio of 250 properties.”


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