As we welcome in another year, 2024 promises to witness a wave of innovative trends that will redefine the way we celebrate love. From sustainable choices to captivating colors, couples are embracing new ideas, technologies and styles that will celebrate their individuality and creativity like never before. Let’s delve into the wedding trends that will be changing the landscape of wedding nuptials in 2024.

Captivating Colors

Pantone Color of The Year 2024Couples will be experimenting with bold and unconventional color schemes that truly reflect their personalities and add a touch of drama to the festivities. Many couples may also opt to incorporate Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz.

According to the site, “the hue is a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body and soul.” It’s a soft shade that vibrates compassion and offers a touch of radiance, warmth, and elegance.

It’s also a color that evokes serenity and familiarity which is something people crave when the world is in times of turmoil. According to Bride’s and Minted Weddings, Marseille Bleu is another color to be on the lookout for. Inspired by the French coastal city of Marseille, the dynamic, vigorous shade works just as well for a barefoot beach wedding to a black-tie affair in a hotel ballroom.

Tantalizing Menus

As we all know, being intentional with one’s menu choices is one of the best ways to personalize a wedding day. The cuisine can literally tell a story about a couple’s relationship. We can expect to see many fun, different and unique trends in 2024.

Be on the lookout for Butter Boards, which is an interesting spin on the charcuterie board, with butter being the star of the show.

Rachael Soete, Indian Cuisinefood expert and Managing Director of Culinary Canvas, explains that “the delectable trend on the rise is the introduction of butter board plates featuring a variety of flavored butter.” She goes on to explain how “this interactive and flavorful addition to the dining experience offers a memorable twist on the traditional bread-and-butter service.”

Comfort foods will also be stealing the show in the wedding food world. Soete explains that “couples will be infusing menus with nostalgic, comforting dishes that hold a special place in their hearts.”  According to The Knot, incorporating regional cuisine or treasured hometown favorites will be big too. Look for couples to embrace and celebrate their culture through their menu.

FUN FACT: We're also going to see a growing trend of couples opting for shots instead of champagne toasts.

Groovy Nuptials


70's Wedding InspoBe on the lookout for a resurgence in ‘70s inspired aesthetics. Think disco balls, encouraging guests to follow a ‘70s-themed attire and even embracing a ‘70s band or playlist. The goal is to create an animated, boisterous atmosphere that will contribute to a distinct and extremely memorable experience for guests. According to Bride’s, a focus on retro themes is going to be big, too. Gen Z and millennials have already been incorporating the color blue (a ‘60s staple) into their make-up whether it’s their eyeshadow or eyeliner or even their nail polish. Trends in 2024 will be infused with nostalgia such as jazz-inspired music, retro attire, dimly lit venues and cigar bars. Think retro, vintage, old school, nostalgic.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venues


Non-Traditional Wedding Venues While the days of “traditional” church weddings have just about gone by the wayside and destination weddings continue to be on the rise, couples in 2024 will be looking to take it up a notch further.


We’re talking mountaintop “I do’s,” underwater matrimonies, aquariums, art galleries and even zoos. The sky is the limit as couples embrace unconventional locales to capture their unique love story.



Alternative Attire


Non-Traditional Wedding DressStatement sleeves, colored wedding gowns, oversized bowties, short veils, custom shirts… we’re going to see it all in 2024. As with every other aspect of their wedding, personalization is going to extend into fashion, too. Couples are going to ensure that their outfits are as unique as their love story.


According to New York Bridal Fashion Week, some other key trends to be on the lookout for are pastel colors (makes sense with Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Color of the Year), boudoir influence, mini dresses, jumpsuits, suits and separates. Anything will go with the key takeaways being individuality, untraditional and fun.





It’s very safe to say that 2024 will be the year of individualistic, unconventional and unorthodox weddings. From non-traditional wedding venues to alternative attire and less formal catering, weddings will be extremely personalized experiences. They will reflect each couple’s individual style, personality and love story. Tradition will go out the window and the overall goal will be a fun, comforting and memorable experience for the couple and their guests.

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