When it comes time to start planning their weddings, couples oftentimes find inspiration in myriad places, from their hometowns to where they met to tropical destinations and even where they’re honeymooning.

“As a wedding planner, it is not uncommon for brides and couples to choose inspiration from a destination for their wedding or event,” said Brooke Palmer Kuhl, Founder and President of Tampa-based r.s.b.p. Events+PR. “Many couples choose a destination that has significant meaning to them, or that they have a connection to.”

One destination rich with inspiration is Bermuda, where the island’s pink sand beaches and the blues, aquas and turquoises of the ocean make for an incredible summer wedding color palette.

“Being based in Florida, my destination clients from other cities will touch on their roots with a feel of the Gulf Coast,” said Kuhl. “It is not any different for Bermuda, with its beautiful beaches and scenery, making it a popular choice for couples looking for a tropical wedding destination. Clients easily draw inspiration from [the island’s] vibrant history.”

When it comes to incorporating Bermuda-inspired colors into the wedding, Kuhl shared her ideas, starting with what to wear.

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Summer Color Palette

“Bermuda is known for its vibrant colors, so incorporating a summer color palette inspired by Bermuda into wedding attire is a great way to add some tropical flair to your big day,” she said.

For bridesmaids’ dresses, Kuhl suggests choosing shades of pink, coral, or turquoise to mimic the colors of the ocean and flowers found in Bermuda. For the groomsmen, consider incorporating the island’s pastel colors with light-colored suits or pants paired with colorful ties in shades of pink, blue, or green. Brides themselves can add accessories like jewelry, shoes, or a sash to bring in some of the island’s bright hues.

Couples and wedding planners can go beyond wedding attire when it comes to weaving in Bermuda-inspired colors into their palette for the big day. Kuhl suggested flowers like hibiscus, bougainvillea and orchids can be intertwined into bouquets and floral arrangements to add pops of color; local foliage completes a signature look. 

Additionally, she said linens and tableware in shades of pink, coral and turquoise can add a tropical touch to tablescapes, and runners or napkins in a tropical print can add flair. Bright-colored envelopes will make invitations really stand out, and ceremony programs can feature a tropical design with colors found in Bermuda.

Asked if couples and wedding planners should play up one of the stunning colors found in Bermuda on the big day, Kuhl said, “Personally, in my designs, I choose one strong accent color.

“Playing up one of the Bermuda-inspired colors on a wedding day is a great idea to create a cohesive theme,” she continued. “For example, if you choose to focus on pink, you could use different shades of pink in your floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses and other wedding details.

“However, it's essential to balance the bright colors with more subdued variations of the other shades, so the overall look is not too overwhelming,” she added. 

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Surprise the Guests

Using Bermuda-inspired summer palette colors can be a fun way to surprise wedding guests, too.

“Surprise and delight are the best part of a wedding,” said Kuhl. “Instead of using traditional white or ivory wedding shoes, the bride could opt for a pair of bright pink or turquoise heels. Alternatively, the groom could wear a turquoise tie or pocket square to add a pop of color to his suit. 

She added that another way to surprise guests is by incorporating the colors in unexpected details: the wedding cake could feature tropical flowers in shades of pink and green, or have a turquoise ombre effect; and the signature cocktail could also feature a bright pink or turquoise hue, such as a watermelon margarita or one made with blue curaçao. 

“Lastly, the guests could receive gift bags with items in shades of pink, such as mini bottles of pink Champagne, or pink sunglasses, and the wedding favors could be wrapped in turquoise or aqua ribbon, or have a tropical flower attached,” Kuhl suggested.

Weddings are a time for inspiration and celebration—Bermuda delivers in spades. 


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