Strategic Advisory Group: Armine Terzyan

Armine Terzyan, Vice President of Sales Operations & Analysis at Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI), is a knowledgeable sales analytics and strategy professional with nearly two decades of success working for Fortune 500 companies, hospitality technology firms and a global sales organization. She has been responsible for increased efficiency in standardization and process improvements for more than 1,000 users across 18 casino and resort properties. She effectively implemented the Amadeus’ sales and catering solution (ASEM), integrated accounting and property management systems while streamlining the data management process.

Using her deep understanding of global sales organizations, she restructures business processes for improved efficiency and accuracy, which produce useful and meaningful reports. 

She has a unique talent to take complex data challenges and provides solutions in an understandable, easy to read report that allows for action. Her passion for analytics is apparent and helps sales associates view data as a vital tool in their process. Because she views her job as fundamental to ROI, she has developed a way to make data fun and engaging by simplifying the way sales professional interact with differing technologies. Her belief that quality information is vital to success drives her to find relatable approaches regardless of the audience. 



Reporting Analysis: Conduct in-depth interviews with sales leaders to identify reporting needs and key performance indicators (KPIs). During this process, review  existing report ecosystem and identify opportunities to improve the quality of information used to achieve KPIs. The interview will result in an analysis of the usability of existing data and make recommendations for eliminating manual entry and opportunities for report automation.


  • More timely and accurate data
  • Improved decision-making due to speed of automated reporting
  • Streamlined processes

System Review & Selection: Sales teams do not come “out of the box” and neither should sales technology. Sales technology should be reviewed for effectiveness and its ability to meet ever-changing needs. The assessment for improved software is designed to modernize reporting capabilities and raise the efficiency of the sales team, which is critical to remain agile. Knowing your requirements and trying to align it with right technologies can be a daunting exercise.


  • Review current solutions utilized by sales organization
  • Evaluate critical performance elements of a new system to align wants and must haves
  • Document impact of data migration from existing system
  • Enable integration into other business solutions such as property management systems, accounting, or reader boards
  • Qualify the new technology solution to address your unique business needs

System Analysis - Health Check: The ecosystem of sales tools needs regular maintenance to function smoothly and operate at an expected performance level. The analysis of business processes is unique to the organization. This includes review of how and when data is input, milestones of the business processes and how the data integrity is protected. A unique scorecard to be utilized as preventative maintenance will be presented to your organization highlighting key findings.


  • High performing sales and catering tool
  • Management of duplicate accounts and contact
  • Evaluation of automated workflows such as traces and lost business
  • Potential data to be purged


"I have worked alongside Armine for a decade or more both as a vendor partner and a colleague. Her hotel/hospitality sales system expertise is simply unmatched. In my career role these past 15 years I've met and interacted with the lion's share of professionals who administer the largest and most sophisticated sales organizations in North America - Armine excels among the best of them. I can't imagine anyone I'd rather deploy to have comfort that I have fine-tined and leveraged my sales system resources to squeeze the most out of my organization's existing data architecture, CRM, and personell investments."

—Chris Carton, Vice President of Sales - Sales and Catering, Amadeus Hospitality

Strategic Advisory Group