With so many associations and industry organizations out there, figuring out which is the right one for you can be confusing and a little guidance goes a long way. Having been in the wedding industry for over a decade, I’ve done my fair share of research, investigating and exploration. International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals (IADWP) checks a lot of the proverbial boxes for industry professionals who focus on destination weddings.



In addition to being a networking platform, IADWP offers numerous educational events throughout the year, worldwide. The association affords industry professionals the opportunity to travel, meet like-minded people, learn, and teach.

Destination Weddings by ALHI recently sat down with IADWP’s founders to learn how IADWP came to be, why the association is so unique and special, and what the benefits of becoming a member include. They’re also offering a 20% discount off new memberships or registration for their World Romance Travel Conference being held in Punta Cana in June to anyone who references Destination Weddings by ALHI when they sign up.

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