Neen James, an advisor for ALHI’s Strategic Advisory Group, is a partner in the international education company Thought Leaders Global, and a leadership expert who delivers high-energy keynotes that challenge audiences to prioritize focus in their work and lives. She is the author of nine books and has been named one of the top 30 leadership speakers by Global Guru several years in a row. She has worked with companies like Viacom, Comcast, Cisco, Virgin, Johnson & Johnson, the FBI and others including professional meeting planners.  She earned her MBA from Southern Cross University and the Certified Speaking Professional designation from National Speakers Association. She has received numerous awards as a professional speaker. She is originally from Australia.

If you know me at all, you know that making every single day feel luxurious is so important to me.

What is more important to women like us—luxury goods or luxury experiences? How do women who purchase luxury want those products and services to make them feel? How does a brand’s reputation affect our willingness to consider them for luxury purchases? What do brands need to do to make us feel welcomed, nurtured and worth the money we spend on luxury?

In my work as an Executive Strategist, it was important to me to share current and relevant data with the leadership teams I work with to help them better understand not only their clients but also their colleagues. I wanted to know more about how luxury professional women like you and me experience luxury.

This curiosity led me to partner a study by Neen James Inc. with an independent company to survey more than 400 professional women for their beliefs, perceptions and feelings about luxury. That number of respondents not only reflects a statistically reliable study, but it turned out to be a fascinating one.

My research revealed four different types of professional women who purchase luxuries.

What type are you?

As you read through my findings, I want you to think about how you experience luxury. Is luxury a habit for you? Do you have a luxury mindset? How are women like you using luxury to live your best life?

Attitudinal Segments

My research shows four different attitudinal segments of professional women who have different perspectives, beliefs, preferences and feelings about luxury. My hope is that this research will help “career women” harness a luxury mindset and incorporate more luxury into their lives.

As you can read through the descriptions, consider which type sounds like you and see if you can guess which type I am. Every woman can make luxury a habit as long as you know what you need to prioritize for yourself.

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Neen James Inc.


Reluctant & Removed: 28%

“Luxury is hard.”

If you’re Reluctant & Removed, you avoid luxury purchases because you feel guilty, overwhelmed, or because you believe luxury brands do not understand you.

You feel unsure of yourself when purchasing luxuries and consult others when spending money. You struggle to prioritize luxury in your life and find it hard to justify spending money on luxury for yourself.

Women like you have too many responsibilities to make luxury a priority. There are so many decisions for you to make; it’s hard to choose luxury.

Luxury is outside your comfort zone and you know you’ll feel a little uncomfortable when purchasing luxuries. When you do purchase luxuries, you keep it a secret. You worry about what others will think of you.

Luxury Lovers: 25%

“I’m worth it.”

If you’re a Luxury Lover, you tell everyone you known all about your love of luxury. You’re the woman who tells her friends they deserve to spend on some luxury for themselves. You believe women deserve luxury.

Not only do you incorporate luxury into your everyday life, but you believe doing so improves your quality of life.

You feel more confident than other women when decided to purchase luxury goods, services or experiences. And the more you make luxury part of your life, the more confident you feel. If you decide on a luxury you want, nobody can talk you out of it.

Pro Prioritizers: 25%

“Luxury is Power.”

If you’re a Pro Prioritizer, you dress for success. Luxury purchases are part of your professional development. You want to look the part.

You believe women are under more pressure than men to succeed in leadership positions. Women like you want to prove they can reach the same level of success as their male counterparts.

You’re a team player; you think the best way to make an impact professionally is to help other women advance to your level. You believe women should be more confident when it comes to their professional development.

You’re practical about luxury brands and want to buy ones you can rely on year after year. It’s important to you for luxury brands to consider their social and environmental footprint.

Confident & Content: 22%

“I’ve got this.”

If you’re Confident & Content, you’re happy with your work and personal life.

Luxury isn’t a top priority for you and you don’t believe it needs to be expensive. When you do make purchases, you’re comfortable and confident in your abilities.

You do a good job of promoting yourself and your contributions in your organization. Women like you believe more women can learn professional confidence if they want to.

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