Strategic Advisory Group: Heather Hansen O'Neill

Heather Hansen O'Neill, President, From Fear to Fire, is an international keynote speaker, behavioral expert and three-time author including the new Amazon best seller, Where’s the Office? Moving Today’s Leaders from What IS to What CAN BE. She is host of the podcast, From Fear to Fire, and coach to top sales executives and C-suite leaders. She has extensive experience consulting with meeting planners and hospitality professionals who want to collaborate effectively, lead change and achieve results.

Her philosophy centers around how today’s salespeople are dealing with fluctuations in the world, whether in supply and demand or in what’s expected of them. As a catalyst for change, she penetrates the heart of what is often overlooked: how to help your people feel better, connect deeper, adapt and excel.

She looks at the human side of sales, the wellness of the salesperson and how this positively expands their performance potential. She inspires sales professionals to recognize why and how to build deeper, more meaningful relationships so they stand out from the competition and increase long-lasting, profitable business.  

Her style is disruptive, innovative and real. She’s an intuitive consultant and dynamic speaker whose strategic vision and inspirational approach helps sales leaders release limiting beliefs to transform results. Her proprietary sales models are research based, purpose driven, and results proven.

She has worked with companies including PWC, Securian, Dell-EMC, CITI, NThrive, UIL, NYU, Liberty Mutual, Vitals, and more. She has worked extensively in events and hospitality for the last 10 years including speaking for large hotels, holding leadership roles in Meeting Professionals International, and as a designated retreat facilitator and speaker at numerous industry associations.

She’s a mother of three, adventurer, dancer and turtle whisperer.

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Programming & Workshops


Strategic Advising: Programs based upon a foundation of behavioral research combined with a human-centric purpose. The assessments, workshops, keynotes and reinforcement coaching guide the teams to peak sales performance.

Specialized Offerings: Sales team performance assessments, group and individual coaching, high level panel facilitation, keynotes, leadership strategy and communication.

Customized Service: Each service will be custom designed to provide the information, guidance and training needed for the client to create greater value. Advising services will be provided by current employees of ALHI (internal advisors) and by independent contractors (external advisors) on a project basis. 

People Powered Assessment Service: Assessment, based on the proven MindSPACEtm model, includes consult with team lead, laser interviews with each member, and written self-assessment. Results provided in group workshop and written performance plan. This offers a clear idea of current team and individual effectiveness and priority improvements to increase overall performance. 


  • Clarity of the current work environment
  • Recommended improvements, timelines, and checkpoints to assess progress

Inspired Sales Performance Workshops: These inspirational workshops put people at the center of your sales approach. Learn to sell with meaning with a laser focus on the needs and wants of your clients to super charge your success. Topics Include:

          Workshop 1: Achieving Clarity Amidst the Chaos Set clear goals and expectations, using better time flow management. The proprietary CHOICE™ Model for Sales provides actionable examples and strategies the sales professional can use to deepen understanding and connection with themselves, the team, and the client. 

          Workshop 2: Selling with Meaning Increased presence, compassionate listening, and cooperative solutions lead to loyal client relationships. It is the evolution of intentional selling, providing more meaning, connection, and positive solutions.


  • Innovative tools to improve time flow and sales results
  • Enhance the inner sales game of confidence, connection, and conscious wellness
  • Purposeful contribution that increases team support and client collaboration  

          Next Level Sales Connection Mastermind: To attain long-term sales results, you need consistent reinforcement and support. This virtual program provides weekly opportunities to boost performance, to drive numbers up and stress down.

You’ll receive 24/7 access to video training. In addition, there will be weekly live programs including group coaching on current challenges, new content, and accountability to inspire you beyond what you thought you were capable of.


  • Success coaching provides solutions for your specific sales challenges
  • Ongoing support and accountability to stay on track
  • Actionable tools to catapult results


"Than you again! I did want you to know that your session was the highest rated session we've had in a while. Your average score for overall satisfactoin was a 4.9 out of 5!!!! Amazing. "

—N. Fridenmaker, MPI Orlando

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for speaking at our very first legal professionals' offsite conference. Your presentation was definitely the highlight of yout day! "

—A. Iannini, GE Capital

"My partner and I implemented the strategies Heather taught in her workshop and in the last 3 months we have increased our client revenues by 2.5 million!"

 —J. Hsu, Merrill Lynch

"This was, by far, the best presentation I've seen in a long while at a conference. Ms. O'Neill was an excellent speaker, got the crowd involved, gave me real and useful informationto take away and made me want to learn more about the topic."

—J. Tepidino, Prudential

"I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you this past week and having you speak during our Sales Retreat. It was truly a wonderful experience that I will not forget. You really helped me to think more analytically about what I want, why and to take action. You were truly inspiring and I wan tot thank you! "

—M. Clearkin, Caesar's Entertainment

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